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Mashed the two scenes. It’s just…. even more heartbreaking.
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Brittany: Is that really how you feel?

Santana: Uh huh-yeah.

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I had mono so many times it turned into stereo...
— Santana
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“Guys and girls fall into certain archetypes when they get drunk. Exhibit A: Santana, the weepy, hysterical drunk. Lauren Zizes and Quinn: the angry girl drunks. Brittany also known as the girl who turns into a stripper drunk. Mercedes and Tina: happy girl drunks. And then we come around full circle, right back to you, Rachel. And right now, you’re being the needy girl drunk”.
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 ”love doesn’t come in a minute, sometimes it doesn’t come at all”
Glee, Season 2, Episode 12

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